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Full Color Vehicle Door Magnets-PRICE EACH

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Full Color Vehicle Door Magnets

Full Color Vehicle Door Magnets 

Mobile Advertising. Premium Weight

Maximize Exposure

Mobile advertising for your brand

Latex Printing

Unrivaled versatility, outstanding quality
Be seen on the streets, draw customers to your business, and maximize your marketing potential in traffic with customized car magnets. Custom car magnets can be completely customized to shapes, sizes and can be printed to engage people in your company branding. Custom car magnet decals are specifically designed for high visibility and offer a great simple to attach and remove the advertisement .

Our magnetic signs are designed with long-term use in mind and are excellent value for money when it comes to mobile advertising. They are constructed of a high-quality magnetic backed vinyl material and printed using long lasting UV ink. Our custom magnetic signs are designed to be able to withstand even the toughest weather conditions, and as the material is weatherproof, and made of textured laminate, your marketing will stay in top condition for many years.

Custom Magnetic Car Signs

Our custom car magnets will offer a professional means of advertising for your business or sporting club in the direct vision line of anyone walking or driving by. Our high-quality magnetic car signs are scuff proof and they stick to virtually any steel surface. These easy to install magnets are not only effortless to clean but they have an almost infinite range of uses.

From seasonal marketing, to directing people to your events,  magnetic car signs are one of the best ways to attract the attention you need. Our customized door magnets are exceptional value for money in high traffic areas, so why not direct them to your product or service with magnetic car signs?

What Are Custom Car Door Magnets?

Custom car door magnets for cars are one of the most effective ways to attract new business and direct existing customers to your seasonal sales. Magnets for cars are a very efficient way of getting new business through visible advertising in their direct vision. The custom car door magnets allow you to advertise virtually anything on the outside of your vehicle. This cost-effective custom car magnet designs deliver an outstanding innovative marketing solution for all mobile businesses, sports clubs, and retail.

Highlights include:

•  Custom car magnet signs can be used to advertise sales and direct people towards hot new products or display your business contact details.

  • Magnet signs for cars add signage, advertising, or imagery to your vehicle
  • Car magnet signs are easy-to-apply on all types of vehicles!
  • Car magnet signs are chemical and scuff resistant
  • Available in any size, shape, and quantity you need
  • Great for your community advertising
  • Custom printed magnets featuring any imagery you can imagine, including your own branding.

No matter what type of business you are in, custom car magnets will get you noticed in a way that traditional advertising cannot.


We can create magnet advertisements for vehicles, event marketing, magnetic advertisements for retail or grocery stores, customized magnets for warehouses, custom magnetic advertisements for businesses and more.

Customized Printing for Car Magnets

Our high-quality printers can produce graphics up to 1440 DPI and we use long-lasting UV ink. The use of UV ink allows for an unlimited range of colors and the fast drying, non-toxic formula is environmentally friendly to produce. We also offer matte or high gloss lamination for vehicles or buildings with high exposure to the elements. We have a team of highly skilled in-house designers available to ensure the product is perfect for your branding and application needs.

Custom Magnet Decal Uses

Magnetic signs for trucks – Our magnetic truck signs can be used as easily removable decals where permanency is not required. Magnetic truck signs can be used as affordable marketing for your business if you are hiring someone else’s truck or simply if you need to update details on your vehicles.

Magnetic signs for cars – custom magnet signs can be used for any trade business vehicle to enable visible marketing for the types of service your business offers, your contact details, and special deals . Installing custom car magnets is cheap as well.

Magnetic signs for fun – Custom magnetic signs can be used as fun car magnets. Add some character to your motor-home, caravan, truck or car to keep fellow drivers amused.

Real estate car magnets– Advertise your real estate business on your private vehicle during the work week and remove them easily for the weekend. Custom magnets are a great way to advertise.

Advertise your local sports club – advertise your local sports club on members cars or sell custom car magnets at your games to your club supporters. We can custom make custom magnets to any specification.

School car magnets – advertise your school on staff or school vehicles.

Blank car magnets – blank car magnets are a great option for adding a customized message that can be changed daily. Be a unique driver and install fun car magnets.

Advertising magnets for vehicles – small car magnets are a great way to advertise your business on other people’s cars. Just like a fridge magnet, they can be added and removed in an instant.

Custom Truck Magnets

Our custom truck magnets are simple to install on any truck and are simple to remove when you are finished using them, which makes magnetic truck signs a great advertising medium for on-vehicle  promotional material or advertising your business details.

If you are looking for advertising and marketing material that will set you apart you’re your competitors, our custom truck magnets are the perfect solution. Our personalized custom magnets for trucks are very effective in brand showcasing, delivering attention-grabbing media for your products or services.

Custom Car Magnets

Business car magnets are intended for outdoor use, and our custom car magnets easily stick to metal and offer a high quality printed advertisement. Large car magnets deliver the perfect branding opportunity and our small car magnets offer a range of different purposes.

Large custom car magnets are perfect for everything from advertising for your business, event promotion, and brand awareness.

  • Digitally printed on high-quality materials up to 1440 DPI
  • Durable, and long-lasting
  • Perfect for use on most metal surfaces
  • Easy to install
  • Available in custom UV printing

Custom Truck Magnets Covering

Add personalized branding to the side of your truck. Choose from a variety of hard-wearing custom magnets that are perfect for the truck you want to dress. Custom magnets for trucks are the perfect eye-catching promotional tool when you can’t permanently advertise. Magnetic signs for trucks are perfect for advertising your business, your brand or a simple message.

Why use us as your preferred car magnet suppliers?

Your branding is one of the most important aspects of your business, and our aim is to portray your brand at the level you want it to be seen, if not at a higher level. Our business is designed to help your brand become better noticed with magnetic signs for vehicles. Our focus to this purpose shows in the quality of the product we create for you. Our car magnet customization techniques will give your business the edge it needs to be noticed against your competitors.

Customization Options For Vehicle Magnets

These vehicle magnets are not restricted to shapes, and we can cut the decal to any specific measurements. Our car magnet graphics are entirely customizable and available in whatever size you need. They can include logos, brand coloring, high-resolution photographs and virtually any other type graphic you can imagine.

Durability – How Long Do Magnets Last?

Because our products are designed for indoor and outdoor use, magnet advertisements will last a long time, even in areas prone to harsh weather conditions.

Customized Car Magnets Care

Your customized car magnets will come with a gloss, matte or textured laminate finish for maximum visual appearance, and special care is required to ensure a long life is achieved.

  • The laminate is designed to prevent grime and dirt from building up and can be cleaned daily
  • High-pressure spray guns and harsh industrial chemical cleaners should not be used on custom car magnets
  • A simple wipe over with a clean cloth will keep it unsoiled

Enjoy the benefits of a competitive difference and utilize the best means of brand awareness you can imagine. Want to know how to buy customized car magnets? Purchase your customized car magnets directly from our website.

Give us a call at (888)562-4346 or send us an email today and we can chat.

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